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    [RC] Hunting Story - some will laugh some will shutter - FancyNite

    OK, so maybe we weren't the brightest people out in the woods last year... first day of gun season.

    There was a group of us (10)... We were all itching to ride and we just couldn't ride here at home.. The woods were orange with hunters.

    So we had a brain fart, that we would go to Charles Deam Wilderness (Indiana, also known as Blackwell).  We got there, there was a few other rigs (by few I mean one<G>).  We figured we were pretty safe, wearing orange vests and being in a group. (not that we are loud or anything <g>)

    Anyway, I got this BRILLIANT idea to STRIPE my horse with an orange grease marker..  This caught on in the group and we were having fun with it. <g>  As I catch a glimpse of a hunter LAUGHING at us.  Can you imagine?  He later came over to our camp and took a picture of my horses rump which read "DON'T SHOOT."

    Oh, and by the way.... Putting orange grease marker on your horse when the weather isn't so warm... BAD IDEA.  It was still on his rump in March.   And I heard about it from everyone in the group!  They just don't have a sense of humor I guess. rofl

    Be Safe everyone!