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    Re: [RC] [RC-Digest] head tossing - Alice Yovich

    My mare tosses her head at the beginning of rides and when going down hills when I'm trying to get her off her forehand. Mostly when she's excited. Once she has a few miles on her it stops. It's an impatience thing and it irritates the snot out of me. I used a running martingale on her once but I didn't like the way it limited my lateral flexion control.  I've had her almost 2 years and I keep waiting for it to go away. yes, her teeth are fine and I have pretty good hands. In fact, she actually head tosses more in the bitless bridle I ride in than in her bit. I could use some very specific instructions to help with this.

    BTw, I should introduce myself. I'm Alice and I have a Shagya mare, Delicato. I haven't ridden an endurance ride yet,  but did my first 2 NATRC rides this summer.

    At 07:28 PM 11/18/02 -0800, you wrote:
    If she does it only occasionally, then you can probably break her of the
    habit without any additional 'aids'.  It just takes a little finesse, and
    learning to read her.  She needs to understand that the head tossing while
    you are on her is completely unacceptable behavior -- and you need to make
    that clear to her the *instant* she starts to toss her head.  You probably
    know by how she feels that she is going to do it.  Once you discipline her
    for it (if you need more info, I can email you details of what worked for
    my horse), and if you stay consistent you can probably break her of the
    habit forever. 

    Alice Yovich, MA, MT-BC
    Mommy, Horse lover, Music Therapist