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    Hi Kristi,
    I was on ride camp and read that your horse has pssm. Is he an Arabian? I have had problems for 3 years and everyone thought I was neurotic about this horse, but I intuitively figured out to "manage" him. Now I am devastated.
    do you know anyone that has had a "productive, competitive" horse. What happens when you have to back off the exercise. I'm not sure I can be consistant because he's at home now and I only have pasture - no arena. I can't always ride him consistantly. Ironically I was riding him consistantly for 3 years trying to figure out what was wrong with him. Is this as terrible as I think it is? How long did it take to know your horse was responding to the diet. How badly and how often did he tie up?
    I know this is lengthy but I'd sure like to hear from you.

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