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    Re: [RC] Re:Hunting Season-long - Maggie Mieske

    I heard about the incident on Shore to Shore this summer where endurance/distance riders were a problem on the trail.  It actually included vandalism which I think is horrible.  Littering is bad enough (not taking into account the stuff that is LOST as in falls off your saddle or self).  But vandalism, well, that just burns me.  I know I have also heard of instances of theft.  Fortunately, these incidents are few (I hope).  What can ride managers or AERC or anybody DO to a rider that is caught doing such things?  Do we have recourse?  Can we take away their placing?  Their completion?  Can we ban them from our ride in the future?  We have to preserve a working relationship with OTHER riders and trail groups out there.  If we do NOTHING, I think that doesn't help the situation at all.  What are our options?  Do we have any?  I am NEW to ride management and maybe just need to read more (which I do try to do and really appreciate Randy's explanation of the by-laws in EN...eventually I will "get it").  :)  Just wondering what anyone else has to say about this.  I am appalled.  I don't think endurance riders should have to tolerate being given a bad rep because of a few bad apples....what would YOU do?  Report something like this to ride management?  Intervene yourself?  Just curious because I don't think we should let this go away.  Anyone from GLDRA have any insight to this incident that they care to share?  I haven't heard anything from anywhere else about this except on RC. 

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