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    [RC] Confirmed multiple horse death due to a Large Round Bale - Rides 2 Far

    > > the presence of the round bale induced such a fight among the >
    hungry> horses> > that the dominant one killed two of the others.
    > >> > Quentin
    Gimme a break. An occassional broken leg from a lucky hit yes, but
    anybody ever seen starved horses fight to the death for *any*
    reason...much less for a round bale? I *have* seen a horse go on a hunger
    strike because he was given a round bale, but that would have been
    suicide, not murder.  How does *one* horse defend a whole round bale? 
    *Why* would a really hungry horse bother to stop chewing long enough to
    kill his buddy (much less the 2nd one) I assume that if they were that
    neglected they were probably unshod...not much punch from an unshod weak
     I have another theory.  The person who delivered the round bale backed
    into the field to unload the bale and the horses started chewing the
    paint on his truck...so...he just started  backing up at 35 mph and hit
    the brakes to unload the hay.  The hay hit the ground and began to roll
    swiftly across the field which was slightly downhill gaining speed as it
    went.  The horses were in hot pursuit.  They hay hit the high tensile
    fence, stretched it like a sling shot then shot it back at the horses
    killing two and leaving the other mentally scarred for life.  Personally,
    I think my story is the more plausible of the two.
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