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    [RC] drying a wet/cold horse - Andrea Day

    The ABSOLUTE BEST thing IMHO for drying a wet horse is to throw a cheapo pure wool ugly green army blanket on under a regular heavy blanket. (and you can afford two!)Wool will soak up the water out of their coat, then it can be pulled and hung, and a second cheapo wool army blanket put on if necesary. The wool keeps them warm while they're drying. I'd always heard straw stuffed under a blanket, but haven't had much success as the horses keep shivering if they're cold to begin with, until they finally dry. Polar fleece doesn't seem to work quite as well for me--guess I'm low tech. And a mesh cooler under a blanket doesn't seem to work as fast as the wool to wick up the water and dry them out. I've ridden hard in late winter afternoon, and been lazy and left the blanket on till very late at night, gone out, and the horse has been still damp but very toasty. The next morning, horse and blanket were dry.

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