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    Re: [RC] Cold Horses - AprJhn

    Not that it gets terribly cold here in Nashville, but...
    This past Friday, my husband and I left for the weekend. Right before I left, I fed the horses. It had been raining all day and the horses were soaked. The temp was about 45 with a cold wind, the sun was setting, and the temperature was dropping. Serts was fine. Tanna was shivering. I felt bad for him, but I didn't want to blanket him when we were going to be gone for a day and a half and nobody to keep an eye on him. So he received about 2.5 pounds (dry) beet pulp soaked in hot tap water. I also gave him about 1 pound of sweet feed mixed with the beet pulp. Before we pulled out of the driveway, even though Tanna was standing still (eating), he had quit shivering.
    I still reserve the right to blanket and I probably would have at least for a few hours if we were going to be home to glance out at him every now and again to make sure all was well.
    I guess some wouldn't bother to blanket. I've heard some say that it's just a way of keeping warm and they're fine, but I can't stand watching such big animals shiver, so I do what I can to make them (and me!) feel better.
    Nashville, TN
    sharp penny <penelope_75647@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
    >When my arab shivers from the cold, I feed him some flakes
    >of alfalfa. This has stoped his shivering. For me this is
    >much better than trying to blanket.During the cold months
    >he gets a flake at each feeding. Don't know if this works
    >only in my guy or all shivering horses, but may be worth a
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