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    [RC] ASHAI and Southern Cal - SandyDSA

    Good morning! After several years of being a part of a terrific organization, ASHAI, that just never was able to lend itself fully to the west coast, they have re-organized, and we were sad to learn that they are now only managing dressage horses/competitions.After a lot of thought about this, it occurred to me that perhaps we should take this into our own hands. Since Arabians ARE the ORIGINAL sport horse :), it is logical that they be treated as such. ASHAI was inclusive previously of dressage, hunters, combined driving, endurance NATRC, and model/breeding (what halter USED to be and should STILL be). While I am working through the practical aspects of propomting this for both Arabians and half Arabs, with an emphasis of course on the endurance horse, I would like to have some response from all of you about your interest in this kind of support club. It may be the right time since AHRA and IAHA are now merging, and at some point soon our club could be recognized by the new INC. Please email me privately or on the list, if you think your input would be something for everyone, and it just might be! It is SO expensive these days to promote, compete and breed quality sport horses who happen to be Arabians. I think ASHAI was an ideal vehicle to return the Arabian to the quality show/sport and family horse it once was. What do you think?