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    Re: [RC] bells on horses - Kelly Spencer

    We got some quarter sized bells at art section of walmart and used fishing line to tie to tack. Tried it on the splint boots but they did not stay on. The big ones on the door knockers also work but cost more.   Mary Ann
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    Got some sleigh bells at walmart during Christmas.Not musical, but make the sound.+
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    >PS - Actually, sleigh bells suitable for attaching to tack are hard to find.
    >Let me know if you come across any. I'll happily replace the copper dog bell
    >I'm currently using.

    The bells that hang on a strip that you put over your door knob at Christmas time make perfect bells to hang on a breast collar or saddle.  There must be a name for these decorations, but I can't think of it.  Just cut them off the strip and attach a clip to the ring that is usually on these bells.  Works great.

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