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    [RC] Endurance Riders of Alberta - Brenda L. Kossowan

    Ridecampers: The following yarn announces the major awards presented for
    competition in the Endurance Riders of Alberta 2002 ride season. ERA
    sanctioned seven rides in total from mid-June through mid-October,
    including two 100s. We sure envy those of you who can compete year round
    and clock thousands of miles on your horses! Congratulations to
    organizers of the Tall Timber ride, voted best-managed ride of the year
    and a hearty Thank You to Clara and Ernest Foshaug, gracious hosts of
    the 10th Annual Saddle Hills Endurance Ride, renamed the Treena Memorial
    after their daughter's sudden death from a nasty virus.
    Outstanding performance in any extreme sport carries its own rewards.
    Successful endurance riders are those who know the exhilaration of
    crossing the finish line on horse that is still strong after running
    hard for 50 miles or more.
    All the same, ERA volunteers and our sponsors just love handing out a
    few awards of our own. Last month, we showered our best riders with
    trophies, including eight blankets for their most deserving ponies.
    For the second year in a row, Audrey Grieb from Drayton Valley hauled
    home a pickup full of awards, thanks the great work she and her husband,
    Gerry, have done with their outstanding gelding, Special Delivery.
    Grieb and Special D have now clocked more than 1,500 miles in endurance,
    usually finishing their races in a spectacular sprint to the finish. The
    speedy bay earned 1,050 points and 155 Best Condition points through the
    year, winning him top marks in both categories.
    High Mileage went to Larry Handziuk?s grey gelding, XXX Flashman with
    420 miles completed. Carol Wadey?s Fjord cross, Kris, was top horse in
    the junior division, earning 635 points. A long-time endurance machine,
    Kris started as Carol?s mount, was passed to her daughter Rae-Anne and
    has most recently carried Rae-Anne?s little sister, Robyn, who completed
    her first 100-mile ride this year.
    Robyn was named High Point Junior Rider and Audrey Grieb was High Point
    Open Rider.
    The four horses rounding out the Top Five awards were XXX Flashman with
    789 points; JR Cheeko, owned by Roy Cust and ridden by Ellen Gobbels
    with 789 points; Alotta Disco with 601, owned and ridden by Roy Cust,
    and Gypsy, owned and ridden by Carol Wadey with 490 points.
    Horses deserving special recognition include two crossbred horses that
    earned their 3,000-mile blankets this year: Joan Harris?s black gelding,
    Stranger and Roy Cust?s chestnut mare, Alotta Disco.
    A number of riders also passed significant milestones during the 2002
    season. Linda Riley won a buckle for reaching 4,000 miles while Roy Cust
    hit 5,500 miles. Larry Handziuk and Christy Janzen have both reached
    7,250 miles and Carol Wadey made 7,500 miles. You want to know a little
    bit about distance riding, they are the people to ask.
    ERA would like to extend special thanks to the volunteers who help raise
    cash to buy their awards and to the following sponsors for their
    valuable contributions: Saddle Hills Endurance Riding Association,
    Spring View Arabians, Bag N? Block, BAZ Enterprises, Riley Enterprises,
    Bekosso Words Work and Playgirl Hairstyles.
    In closing, I was delighted during the awards banquet to have a short
    visit with the man who is arguably the best crew person any rider could
    ever have - and is still the best looking of the bunch, regardless of
    his slightly wild hairstyle. Christy Janzen's intrepid husband, Ron - a
    true endurance genius - is still dancing one step ahead of the tumour
    that attacked him early this year. Let's all cross our fingers or pray
    or whatever it takes to remove the horrible cloud hovering over Ron,
    Christy and their two beautiful kids, Brett and Jaylene.
    And hey - Congratulations to Sharon and Frank Brunner on the Oct. 5
    birth of their third baby, Naomi, a 10 lb. one ounce future musher and
    endurance rider. WAYTAGO SHARON AND FRANK. Missed you at the banquet,
    but I know you'll be back...
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