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    [RC] Stallions - DVeritas

    In a message dated 11/17/02 8:19:59 AM Mountain Standard Time, Theo van Roosenfeld cappy 390@xxxxxxxxx writes:

    Does anybody have any suggestions for a nice endurance stallion to breed to
    our mare?? Size is not as important as disposition.? I would like a proven
    performance record.


    ?? The Nevada All-State Trail Riders, Inc. is having their 2nd Annual Stallion Service Auction (to benefit trail preservation) and I'd highly recommend contacting Peter Mileo at (775) 267-4873 or ctyslcr@xxxxxxx for info.?
    ??? They have 24 stallions from which to pick, with bids opening at 300 dollars.? Their web page at www.NASTR.org has stallion photos and further information.
    ??? Good luck.
    ?????? Frank Solano