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    Re: [RC] [RC] Hunting Season - Lif Strand

    At 09:23 AM 11/17/02, Nancy Mitts wrote:
    Count the money. Hunters and fisherpeople contribute a significant quantifiable revenue source. In some, if not most states that's what funds the administration of public lands.

    OK, so that means those who pay the most get to use public lands and those who apparently pay less don't? If that's true I wonder what would happen if hunting revenues had to support public lands *fully* for the months of the year that they use the land. I doubt hunting revenues bring in that much money!

    If this situation was reversed would it work (this is a method I use to check lots of arguments): Do public lands get closed down to outside use when an endurance ride or a bike race takes place over it? Fees have been paid, after all. If someone would point out that endurance ride fees for public land use are much less than hunting revenues, then I'm thinking that if might makes right ("count the money") then we should really count the money. Do hunting revenues bring in more to maintain public lands than *other tax dollars*? If not, how is it fair that other financial supporters of public lands cannot use those lands part of the year? If so, should hunters be allowed to monopolize public lands because they pay more? If this should be the case, then I don't want to hear one more peep out of one more person ever about Ted Turner's buying up of land and using it just the way he wants - after all, he's doing just what the hunters are doing.

    Personally, if the answer is yes to the above, and I should be content to not go into the National Forest or ride over BLM land during hunting season, I want a refund of my tax money. I'm not a hunter and don't see why I should pay to support their recreational use of MY land!
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