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    Re: [RC] [RC] PMU Barns - kit kat

    Hello all,

    Im just gonna say what we have seen for PMU barns... LIKE any other barns in the world, there are some good, and some bad. When we lived in alberta and where having finacial dificulties, PMU barns where offering to take mares and paid for there feed as well as paid you a $1 a day for keeping your mare. We had a large work horse cross mare that a few farms were intrested, so me and my mom went to these several farms to see what they were like and so on. We were thoroughly impressed with all the barns. One barn, You got to visit your horse daily. They had bags of carrots at the end of each Isle for the owner to come feed them those, but asked that you not feed them anything else as they would be on a spacific diet. You could groom your horse, and hang out with it. Just not ride it, or take it out. They had 1 hr turn out daily in a large feild. They had there stalls cleaned many times daily and the barn was well ventallated. Another barn we went to, almost the same kinda set up.. but, there stalls had automatic cleaning(really cool and have never seen anything like it) They were well cared for and all looked happy and healthy. We liked those 2 best of all, the others were good, but where to far away. We did a few drop bys without notice as this would be for 1 yr of chyannes life. And had settled on the first place we had seen. But, in the end, we ended up moving back to bc, and hence, did not take chyanne there. Im not saying PMU barns are great, but, there are good ones and there are bad ones. Take for example... I milked cows for 3 yrs. In our barn, they cows are well looked after and treated fairly well. Where as i have been to some milking barns that i want to cry. There milkers are mean, and they are treated like livestock instead of an animal with feeling. Where as, i as a milker, treated all my cows as individuals(and i even named them all) I have had many condem me for milking cows.. but, I always figured.. People demand the production of milk(as it is, we are not shipping enough in BC so we are shipping in from alberta and sask.) and in demanding the production.. there will always be issues with livestock, and i believe... at least they had me as a milker for 3 yrs and were not milked by someone else who would be cruel to them. There are good ppl and bad ppl out there, as well as good barns and bad barns. And as long as there is demand for production.. things will continue.. the only thing we can hope for are more of me.. and less of the mean ppl that take care of the livestock. Just my 2 cents worth:) And yeah.. i ramble..:)

    Sarah + Penny + Zac
    Chilliwack BC

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