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    [RC] PMU stall confinement - Paddi

    To me stall confinement, just like the hogs kept in pens just
    larger than their own body size, is just another form of glorified
    jail.  Seems to me that jail is jail, no matter how good the food and soft
    the bed.

    I spent 2 winters cooking in oil camps to finance my Tack business start up.
    Closest thing to jail or being stalled I can compare to.
    Camps are in the middle of no where and consist of 4 to 5 atco trailers making a building.
    We spent 21 days in camp working 12 hour shifts. Usually 20 people, no phones (cell did not have good coverage) TV if you like sports.
    The food was great, the bed okay and it was being confined to a small area. Not a bad situation if you got along with your fellow staff.
    We were not allowed out of camp ,it was usually to cold for more then a short walk and there was a bear or cougar problem. There was no where to go anyway.
    The mares get turn out every 2 weeks rotated through out the barn.
    If you want to anthropomorphize the PMU mares they were like the camp staff. They do their job which is standing , visiting and peeing for 2 weeks( the horses job not the camps staff..lol), then they get days off , then they go back to work. No different then you heading to the office everyday. Heck those cubicles in most offices with no windows are more like a jail cell.
     They are treated humanly have better living conditions then most horses.
    I was at a Morgan breeding farm not long ago that had about 40 mares , foals and 2 stallions. All were thin, halters growing into babies faces, the stallions had been fighting and it showed by the wounds. Stud colts running in amongst the herd ,babies born outside in winter. The one stallion was being confined in an old metal horse trailer (it is winter here already) because the chicken wire and pallet fence would not keep him in. Yes I called the SPCA and they are doing something.
    These people win at shows and no one would ever suspect them of mistreating their horses.
    I would rather see horses cared for in glorified jails then free and starving.

    Paddi Sprecher
    Canadian Distributor for Dixie Midnight No-Sweat Vent Pads
    EasyCare Canada
    Biothane Tack, Skito Equalizer Pads
    Yacht Braid Horse equipment