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    Re: [RC] PMU Barns - Lif Strand

    At 08:10 PM 11/14/02, Paddi wrote:
    My gelding wants to move there and becaome a PMU mare...lol
    All the things he loves. A bedded stall, mares, great food and grain. Good water (our well tastes funny) and lots of attention.

    Not a one of my horses (well, maybe one or two of the 29 year olds) would want to move there and become a PMU mare. They all hate stall confinement. To me stall confinement, just like the hogs kept in pens just larger than their own body size, is just another form of glorified jail. Seems to me that jail is jail, no matter how good the food and soft the bed.
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    [RC] PMU Barns, Paddi