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    [RC] Fwd: Re(2): [RC] Fwd: Hunter mistakes girl's horse for a deer - Deanna German

    kiwana@xxxxxxxxx writes:
    >>If any of you know hunters out there....  please be sure to tell them
    >>that they better get the "owner" of said horse also as I am one who will
    >>FIRE BACK!  This sort of thing makes me sick to say the least....
    >>Vickie Smith
    >>in the backwoods of Vermont
    >Obviously and sadly, you still seem to think of this pathetic man as a
    >hunter..... but I would never assume that anyone who "shoots at something
    > moving" is a hunter...just an irresponsible, law breaker who needs
    >consequences asap.  CC
    Cindy, our horse council had a state park ranger as a guest speaker at our
    last meeting and he said the same thing, almost word for word! He encouraged
    us to report gun toters (see, I didn't use the word "hunter") who are where
    they aren't supposed to be. The ranger pointed out to us that those people
    are just as offensive to hunters who know the law and can quote it chapter
    and verse as they are to those of us who don't hunt. Someone who points and
    shots at a flash of white is an irresponsible law breaker. Sadly, there are
    just enough of them out there that I give up a week and a half of riding so
    as not to be their target.
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