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    [RC] Urgent homes needed for Nevada State gathered Mustangs - Typef

    I am passing on some information given to me by a gentleman who runs a Wild
    Horse site. The horses mentioned below will be taken to the livestock
    auction soon if homes are not found for them. They are not BLM horses but
    State roundups and will not be kept indefinitely. The Nevada Department of
    Agriculture is not obligated to hold them for any length of time before
    disposing of them. Please read the link attached on these horses. Because of
    the drought they had been wandering into neighborhoods and causing traffic
    accidents so were rounded up.
    Thanks in advance for taking the time to read about these horses. If you
    know of anyone that you think might be able to help, please pass this
    information on!
    :) Jackie
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    > What you can really do to help is get the word out about these animals.
    > The most critical right now are the Comstock horses.  There are still 18
    > of them in the Nevada state "horse pound" that we have to get out before
    > their time runs out and they're shipped to the Fallon Livestock Sale.
    > 12 of them are studs and we need to get them gelded before pulling them
    > out as only one of the allied groups is set up to handle mature studs
    > and they're at capacity right now.
    > The two mission critical items right now are:
    > 1.  Finding qualified adopters for the animals.  Once the babies are
    > placed we can bring down six (probably pregnant) mares that are up
    > there.
    > 2.  Finding folks willing to donate to the gelding project.  (The state
    > charges $150.00 per horse; that comes out to $1,800.00 and we currently
    > have about $500.00 in our rescue account.)
    > If you can just stir up some interest among some responsible people it
    > will help a great deal!
    > Most of the information is available on our Comstock web section:
    > http://www.whmentors.org/lhp/adopt01.html
    > Thanks for any help / ideas that you have.
    > ":O) Willis
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