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    Re: [RC] [RC] QUALITY OF LIFE VS. MONEY - Debra Reid

    Fortunately there are some rescue groups that just happen to love endurance riding and understand what it takes to condition an animal that can do this sport! And to the people out there who can do this and keep their animal going year after year... WOW! Would we be so lucky here in Louisiana that these "forgotten" horses were owned and loved by such people who understand the simple need to feed a horse! 
    We need to educate the ignorant people, and in light of what you said wouldn't it be an eye opener for someone to show the behind the scenes at race tracks? Or at dogs shows, cat shows or anywhere that people make $$ off of animals. I've been there seen it and have come to the conclusion that a wide open trail, my horse {and with God's grace} the ability to save one life at a time is making a difference.  Education prevents misunderstanding. Non horsey people { or maybe even horse people} may not like it, but if the point of taking care of the animal is first then they will have to live with it. No heat here Howard, but I can see where that picture would raise eyebrows. May things continue to improve and be enforced in endurance riding. That means putting the heat on the ones who don't keep the horse first people!! Speek out against the bad apples to prevent negative feed back against endurance riding. If we take care of our own back yard the "goups" have no reson to come looking into it . {just my 2 cents}
    May your trail always be clear & your horses always healthy!
    H.A.R.P sec. 
    Hooved Animal Rescue & Placement
    PO Box 56
    Loranger, Louisiana 70446


    >From: Truman Prevatt

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    >Subject: Re: [RC] QUALITY OF LIFE VS. MONEY
    >Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 09:01:04 -0500
    >My only point in bringing this up is there is a very strong group
    >(and well funded) out there and if they get you in their sights they
    >can make your liife miserable. According to the St. Pete Times this
    >is the first time they (animal rights people) have taken this tactic
    >( taking it to the voters). It was sucessful and I suspect the
    >approach will become standard.
    >They could just as eaisly take the tactic of showing a picture of a
    >horse with its head hanging, a tube it's nose and and an IV handing
    >from a tree and paint us in a pretty bad light. Or even two dead
    >horses at an endurance ride (WEG). They won't care that it was in
    >Spain and not the US - it's still endurance! Many people would be
    >just as outraged at these images of a horse as you are by the
    >treatment of the pigs.
    >Something we all need to think about.
    >Suvut@xxxxxxx wrote:
    >>>>It had
    >>to do with how breeding hogs are kept. The petition process was
    >>by the animal rights activist and if enacted will cost the hog
    >>of FL tons of money - may even put them out of business. When I
    >>read it
    >>I didn't think it had a snowballs chance in hell of passing. But
    >>the ads
    >>on TV were very powerful images that implied abuse. It passed.>
    >>Well, sorry about that! I don't know anything about this
    >>amendment, but if it improves conditions for these poor hogs, SO
    >>WHAT IF IT COSTS THE HOG FARMERS MONEY!!! I don't want to incur
    >>any flames here, but IMO, quality of life for these poor animals
    >>should count for more than $$$$$.....
    >>Susan Vuturo -- Mom to Sadie, Encore, Rocky, and assorted kitties.

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