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    Re: [RC] Pull codes--and attitudes - Howard Bramhall

    Man, Scott, you have way too much time on your hands.  How long did it take you to come up with all this?  And, what a potty mouth!  Does Ginger actually kiss that thing? I bet Steph sends you a private post for this one!  We must have order here or someone will be offended, get up and leave the table, in a huff.  lol.
    OK, it's official, my ten reasons for getting pulled no longer seem all that funny cause Scott has just topped me with his T-Shirt humor.  I want a T-Shirt.
    Mine will say IWASROBBED, which stands for "I Went Awfully Slow, Returned Often, Beer Beer, Excessively Drunk."  The "Returned Often" may be replaced for "Rider Option" if you prefer to keep in line with AERC's appropriate pronouncement of what condition your condition is in.  Or, your horses; after all they like beer too you know.  There's a new category.  "Horse too drunk to trot out!"  haha.
    I know, not as funny as Scott's, but, hey, humor is an elusive beast, kinda like the horse.
    Howard (or, maybe, it was the rider)
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    All of this "pull-code" business is cracking me up.  :o)  With four whole
    rides under my belt, one of which I was pulled from, I find it amazing how
    many bizarre attitudes there are concerning this topic.  I personally don't
    care how my pull gets logged, reported, posted, etc. - as long as it is
    truthful.  Wanna just list DNF?  Okay by me.  Wanna list Metabolic?  Fine
    too.  But, for those out there who need more, I suggest the following codes:

    Pulled, R.O.-S.H.I.T.
         This means Pulled, Rider Option, Should Have Invested in Training
    Pulled, R.O.-V.A.I.N.
         Pulled, Rider Option, Vets are Anal Insane Nerds
    Pulled, R.O.-M.Y.G.O.D.
         Pulled, Rider Option, My Young Gelding Opted to Dehydrate
    Pulled, R.O.-M.A.D.N.E.S.S.
         Pulled, Rider Option, My Ass is Dead Numb & Everyone Said So
    Pulled, L.A.M.E.
         Pulled, Limping Arab is Mentally Exhausted
    Pulled, M.E.T.A.B.O.L.I.C.
         Pulled, My Extremely Tired Arab is Beat and Overheated -  
         Impending Colic

    And finally,

    Pulled,  A.H.O.L.E.
         Pulled, Anxious Horseman Overrode his Lovely Equine

    And lest you think I am attacking anyone - my first and only pull to date
    would have been listed as the last one of the above.  :o)  Just to weigh in
    seriously, I think the public listing of DNF, with all pertinent info being
    forwarded to AERC for digest would be a fine way to go.  I see merit in many
    of the opinions and ideas expressed on this, but know that no one solution
    will make everyone happy. 

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