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    Re: [RC] Horse Potty Training - FASTGraphic

    Have had the same "problem" with my mare, Solitaire.  She is quite the lady - 
    and does not like peeing in public, especially under saddle.  As for cueing 
    off of me?  Well, let's just say that, as a male with the necessary outdoor 
    plumbing, I have a distinct advantage here and yes, she will cue off of me.  
    :o)  But I did learn a trick from Tammy at Trail-Rite, and that is a distinct 
    "pee-noise."  When I feel she needs to pee under saddle, I stop her, lean up 
    off the saddle with my face close to her ears, and make a little 
    whooshing/whistling sound.  Now, I have made this sound EVERY time I am near 
    her and she pees - in and out of her stall.  She has learned to associate 
    this sound with the relief of peeing, and it helps put her in the right frame 
    of mind.  To pee or not to pee, that is her question.  Seems the sound helps 
    her make up her mind and "make stream."  :o)  Good luck!  You may feel 
    foolish at first, whistling to a peeing horse, but I swear it works!
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