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    [RC] Sheath Infection - Tamara Taylor

    My 12 year old Arab x QH gelding, Magnum, has a terrible sheath infection. This 
    infection is unlike 'regular' sheath infections that occur in dirty sheaths. 
    Those type of infections are usually non-painful and cool to touch. Magnum's 
    sheath was clean so that is not the case. He is swollen (cantaloupe size), 
    sore, and hot to touch. He is very stiff. There was blood at the tip and now it 
    seems to be dripping urine. The vet is baffled and thinks that perhaps bacteria 
    may have entered through the tip or a small external wound.
    His sheath was flushed out by the vet last week and he was given a shot of 
    steroids. He's been on a course of Bute for 5 days and broad spectrum 
    antibiotics for 4 days. NO IMPROVEMENT. He's very stiff and I have been walking 
    him to improve circulation and trying to get it to drain. The vet speculates 
    that perhaps the antibiotics didn't work because the bacteria may have been 
    Gram - (and the antibiotic was broad spectrum). Next step is expensive IV 
    treatment and a diueretic.
    So my question - if anyone has ever heard of a similiar thing happening, or 
    been through it themselves, PLEASE let me know! I'm very concerned for my sweet 
    Magnum and the vet is baffled too!
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