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  • - Rae Callaway

    [RC] re: Pull Codes - Teresa Van Hove

    OK - throwing my opinion in unasked.
    If pulls are supposed to help riders/vets make better decisions than
    just L or M is not useful.  And RO-L vs vet-L provides no help, and
    nor would a lameness grade mean much.  As a rider I want to know if a
    bunch of pulls on a ride were hoof bruising and I need to pad or
    easy-boot if I'm planning on that ride.  Or if there are a bunch of
    suspensory pulls - was the course hit by unexpected weather that
    slopped up the footing or does it have sections that are boggy or deep
    sand?  Is it a condition that I can or have trained for?  ie. I can
    train in deep sand easily, some folks train in ankle stressing rock
    all the time...  )  and shouldn't the vets know if they need to be
    extra watchful for early signs of a specific problem at a given ride
    or type of ride?  
    Metabolics - Well thats harder to quantify, but I expect that it might
    be useful to know if horses were thumping or had hanging pulses vs had
    quiet gut sounds and were simply tired and not eating; maybe what
    e-lyte protocol was followed and if it was a change for that horse;
    what were the temp and humidity; and what were the course conditions. 
    Then vets might be in a better position to brief riders for a given
    set of conditons or the vet committee might be able to craft good
    recommendations for ride vets of things to watch out for if its hot or
    cold, and/or the course is fast or tough and so on.   
    And I agree with those who suggested that if there's a stigma in non
    RO pulls, than stop publizing the individual pull types and just list
    how many total pulls were L,M,RO,OT.   The only way that individual
    information could be protective for horses is if we had a log book
    system like the Aussies, and I'd also be willing to join in a test pgm
    for that.  In fact it'd be great for me, as I'm not super organized
    like Sue, so I'm not creating my own log book.
    Teresa Van Hove, M17417, and HB Grey Moun whose # I can never remember
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