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    RE: [RC] PULL CODES - Roy Drinnan

    Why do so many have a problem with pull codes.  If you get the wrong pull code it is tragic, but not a reason not to use pull codes.
    If you pull your horse because you think it is, or is going, lame its an lamness thing,
    If you pull your horse because you think it has, or is going to have, metabolic issues its a metabolic thing.
    If you don't like the ride, have a bad day, have a fall, don't like the groud crew, don't like the heat, don't like the cold, etc its a RO without futher adue.
    As for a comment about the levels of soundess on a vet card, and a horse completing which is off, I would like to add the following;
    The levels of valuation on the vet card are designed to provide a history of the horse during a ride, from check to check.  Many rides have holds staffed by different vets, the vets need to be able to compare the condition of the horse at this check to the condition of the horse previous to this.  If a problem is new and not seen before, it may need to be looked at closer.  If a problem is ongoing and being handled by the horse and rider, maybe it is ok for now.  This is a history tool for the vet.
    Some time volunteer to write for a vet, then get a chance to stand there at the finish line and look at a horse that is questionably sound.  Then look at the rider that just completed the ride.  Then go over and tell them noooo! you didn't make it.  If you think there is a stigma attached to having your horse pulled.  Try the stigma attached to telling you your horse is pulled.
    As for the collection of statistics;
    My profession and expertise is that of a 25 year computer systems consultant and software developer.  I can assure you that you can never go wrong by collecting data.  The worst you have done is waste a little paper.  I am forever faced with questions regarding the ability to analize data that does not exist.  Look at history, we always begin to track data after we have an event.  When the AIDS hit hard, the only blood bank in Canada that had proper transfusion history was the one in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Not by my hand, but I did write the system.  This was Circa 1980, and I questioned keeping all this history, but it was worth it.
    Look at any club you belong to, try to go back in the records if they exist and see what is there.  Our pull codes may not be perfect, but lets work to make it better.
    There is nothing wrong with ROL and ROM, there is also a place for RO.  But riders should not mask a problem by RO.  I agree there is an issue where the rider pulls a horse that is passed a vet check, but we have a bigger issue with riders that pull prior to the vets and call it RO because they know it won't pass.
    Roy Drinnan

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