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    [RC] Cowboy Shortcut - winter sponge bath - Linda Cowles

    Laurie had some great tips...
    My favorite winter grooming trick uses Vetrolin Liniment -- NOT the bath - the Liniment. It has a small amount of green soap in it, but not so much that rinsing is required.
    I add an ounce of Vetrolin Liniment to a small bucket of warm water, and lightly sponge the surface of the coat - not pressing or soaking it - and use a sweat scraper immediately to whish the dirty water off. If you don't apply pressure to the sponge, only the surface hair will get wet.
    I have one client who puts a 4 oz in a spray bottle and adds water. She spritzes it on.
    Horses coats are made to shed water, so if you're gentle you can avoid soaking the horse deep in areas where deep cleaning isn't necessary. If the saddle area is already sweaty, soak it and scrape the water off, then towel dry. The liniment removes grime and sweat, and because it's a liniment, it'll accelerate evaporation and drying. I keep a few old towels around to wick the coat and keep the horse warm while I feed, put away tack or whatever...
    I also carry Green Spot Remover made by Cowboy Magic that several of my customers swear by.
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