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    Re: [RC] grooming and the coming cold weather - what's the best way to wash - Sullivan

    > After the ride, I realized my horse needed a bath.
    but I didn't see much, if anything, for "grooming your
    > horse in bad weather."
    > Charles
    Well, I am not a big fan of baths....especially in cool weather.  When horse
    camping-I see too many folks that get back from a hard ride, with temps
    dropping and hose the horse right down.  Some cramp up....some just shiver
    and shiver as they are soaked to the skin.  I will hose the legs to get
    sweat and dirt off, but that is about it Let them have a good roll,
    brush the worst of the dirt off and blanket for the night, then a good
    brushing in the morning.  Far less harm than wetting them to the skin.
    At home in winter and mud weather...the time exercising is far more valuable
    than the time grooming!  Brush enough area clean to put the saddle and girth
    and go....come back-they are gong to roll in the mud anyway.  They are going
    to walk out in the rain anyway (will rinse off the mud).
    I am more concerned with keeping stall floors dry and clean so they have a
    DRY place to stand in muddy weather and aren't knee deep in mud.  Dirt or
    mud on the actual horse does not bother me.  Their coats are designed, if
    mainly left along (not blanketed regularly, or oils washed out of the coat
    from too much bathing), to keep the horse warm and shed dirt to some degree.
    So my advice is, don't wash.  Don't soak the horse down, or strip beneficial
    oil from the coat (isn't that what vinegar does?) Horses are big animals
    (livestock), not beauty queens!
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    [RC] grooming and the coming cold weather - what's the best way to wash, Charles