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    Re: [RC] West Nile Update (long) - Trishmare7

    In a message dated 11/01/2002 12:27:24 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
    howard9732@xxxxxxx writes:
    <<  so don't get a false sense of security by listening to those "Christian 
    Science" type of horse owners who recommend not to vaccinate.  These folks 
    have left the world of "reality" and entered some sort of delusional moronic 
    twilight zone where true science does not exist.  Pity their horses. >>
    Howard, I'm hurt!  I'm one of those wacko types of horse owners who is 
    skeptical of the value of vaccinations.  I'm no Christian Scientist though 
    ... just tend to trust in the wisdom of the body more than I do human 
    assumptions.  My old gelding Tash has rarely been vaccinated for more than 
    tetanus (my other horses also get the encephalitis vaccine, but Tash reacts 
    badly to it, so doesn't get it) ... he turned 30 this August (I've owned him 
    since he was 3) and except for a bit of cushing's is amazingly healthy, so my 
    vet tells me.  In fact, what my vet says is that he knows of few 30 old 
    horses who look as good as Tash.  
         Then there's darling, dancing, David ... his problem may be too much 
    health ... hence the nickname.   I defy anyone to come take a look at him 
    (he's often cutting around in the pasture or paddock, tail flagged and head 
    tossing .. he's 11, and I've had him since he was 3 also) and pronounce him 
    ill-cared for, or unhealthy.  I also keep a boarded 20+ year old mare.  She's 
    been with us since her mid-teens and her owner, who follows my health regime 
    for the horses, says her mare has *never* looked better in her entire life. 
        My daughter has never had a vaccination for anything in her entire life 
    (born without drugs too; under the care of a holistic midwife).  Healthiest 
    kid you'd ever want to meet ..she doesn't even get colds.  She never got any 
    ear infections that doctors will tell you *all* children get. Chicken pox? 
    Books and doctors say expect it to last 7 to 10 days.  My kid had it for 2 .. 
    and barely any rash.
        Darling, dancing David was vaccinated for west nile this year, but may 
    not be next.  Everyone I know whose horse contracted WN was a vaccinated 
    horse.  And I know plenty of people who *didn't* vaccinate ... none of theirs 
    got it.  Anecdotal evidence to be sure, but in light of how I feel about 
    vaccines, it's interesting to me.  I'm in fact beginning to suspect that, at 
    least in humans, diagnoses of WN are really something else ... maybe just the 
    flu.  Another problem is that the WN vaccine is made by Ft.Dodge, which has a 
    bad reputation even amongst veterinarians. (So quite a few have told me 
    privately ...).
        I'm not *against* modern medicine, or even vaccines if their worth can be 
    proven (for instance, rabies and tetanus ..).  I don't have the time (or 
    interest) for getting into a vaccine debate and this will be my one and final 
    post on the subject ... just want to ask ya Howard my friend, do you *really* 
    pity my horses?  (I don't yours ... not even during Dance Line's big scare 
    ... I feel Dance is lucky to have such a concerned, caring owner who does the 
    best he knows how for his horse. That is all that I too, am doing ... we just 
    disagree on what may be best; also, here in Michigan, there's no mosquito 
    left alive.  Winter seems to have hit early this year!)
        (I will agree with Howard that my view of reality may deviate a bit from 
    the norm ...in more ways than this one ...)
    Trish & King David 
    Grand Blanc, Michigan
    It's not what you look at that matters,
    it's what you see.
                    -Robert D. Richardson Jr.-
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