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    Re: [RC] Sharing expenses to rides - DeAnn Schnepple

    Suzanne, we were never good friends.  I've never mentioned her name, just wanted to know how others handle this situation.  It seems I got burned.  But that's how you learn.  Thanks for the input.
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    "No matter who does the asking and who does the offering, I felt it was my
    obigation as the hitcher to create a win-win situation."

    I'm with ya on that, Deanna! I used to have to hitch with a group of friends because I was truck and trailerless. I ALWAYS chipped in for gas, brought plenty of food(doesn't hurt that I'm a good cook!) and helped out in anyway possible. Sometimes they wouldn't take any $$$, so I always paid for plenty of beer. Believe me, with this gang it would've been ALOT cheaper to just pay for the gas!! LOL, I'm not complaining, I was very grateful. My present situation finds me trailerless again. Now when I haul with a different friend, we use my truck(what can I say...it's nicer than hers!!)and her trailer. She always offers me gas $$$ but so far I have never taken any. I still feel like the "hitcher". Now, on the flip side...
    Earlier this year I borrowed a trailer(never again, made me a nervous wreck)and hauled my mare and a "friends" horse to Salt Fork for the weekend. I brought all the food and beverages, paid for all the gas and the camping fee. At his insistance, my better judgement took a hike and I let him drive for a while. He got way too close to a semi, which threw a stone, cracking my windshield. To which he said,"oh well. thats what insurance is for" His horse rubbed all over my friend's newly painted trailer, scratching it to h*** and back with the halter buckle. Which he refused to be responsible for, so I had to have it touched up at my expense.(if it had been my trailer,I wouldn't have cared)When we got home, I wanted to run the trailer thru the wash before returning it, to which he said."drop me off first, I'm really tired" I can't say here on Ridecamp what I actually said to him, I'll just say he won't be coming with me again, and he KNOWS it!! :O

    So, unless you're very good friends(and even then), I think it is wise advise to work out expenses BEFORE you go!!

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