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    [RC] Awards - Liz Masters

    I am responsible for working with the Bureau Of Land Management in determining the BLM Mustang Mileage awards.

    I need some ideas of what the riders would like. I thought about a really nice polor fleece cooler with the horses named embroideried on the blanket or can someone tell me where to get a nice wool cooler? PLUS how should the award be written on the blanket - "BLM Mustang Mileage Horse of the Year 2002 _ _ _" or something else?

    This is the awards for the endurance Mustang with the most miles and the LD Mustang with the most mileage.

    Please send me your thoughts or ideas. This will be my first year to attend the awards banquet and I'm not sure what would be appropriate for an award.

    Thank YOU

    Liz Masters #20614 (again)

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