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    [RC] GPS accuracy & hills - lisa oberteuffer

    I work at a travel store where we sell & use gps quite a bit --- so I
    can tell you from talking to the people at Garmin that the elevation
    accuracy on their models is +/- 150 feet!
    they do make a model with a barometric altimeter which is accurate to 3
    feet--but you MUST set it correctly, and frequently,(whenever the
    weather changes or you go significantly up or down in altitude) to a
    known altitude (like a benchmark) or to a known barometric pressure
    (weather station? hand-held barometer?)--none of which are always
    conveniently to hand when you're out riding :)
    the price of accuracy ...
    by the by, how many people use gps and/or topo maps to figure out either
    where they're going or where they've been on an endurance ride (or just
    training)? I have yet to attend my first ride (next weekend, though just
    as a volunteer) and so I have no idea what kind of maps, if any, are
    handed out in advance or if you just have to follow the trail markers
    lisa in santa fe
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