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    Re: [RC] heaters?/low rent advice - DAldr94141

    I have an addition. I sometimes fix my stock trailer to sleep in. I use a tarp and a rolled up carpet on the floor along with smaller carpets for that "back at home" feel. I LOVE softness on the tootsies. Also, I have velcroed around the stock trailer openings and use velcroed shower curtains for dryness and privacy. Works like a charm in the rain. I bought a portable propane (small) heater from Coleman that claims (and the pictures on the box prove it) that it can be used safely in tents, etc. with ventilation. I've tried that on a very cold, windy and rainy September weekend and I was cozy as a Jack Russell in a sleeping bag. To top off my comfortness, I invested about $95.00 in a wonderful porta potty so I wouldn't have to put my boots and coat on and walk in the damp grass 500' or more to the stinky dark porta potty.  I LOVE my potty. I always keep it in my trailer!  Just my 2 cents. Deb