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    [RC] sharing expenses - brenda casebeer

    I think we all owe a debt to those that came before us, and helped us 
    along when we had no idea what we were doing, or were even to 
    ignorant to know what questions to ask or what is expected from us 
    financially or personally.
    I feel that mentorship (and befriending newbies) is a giving back to 
    the sport, just like volunteering at the rides. I enjoy talking to 
    the new people, and it's always fun having a large pool of other 
    riders to call on when you want to go ride.  I'm not in it for the 
    money, and have no intentions of charging 
    mentoring/training/mileage/advice/pick you up in my trailer because 
    you're right around the corner and haven't bought yours yet fees.
    Splitting the gas expenses seems reasonable to me, and it's what I've 
    done both as the camper owner, and the camper user.  If I don't enjoy 
    that person's company (friend) then I wouldn't invite them in the 
    first place.
    I usually end up getting spoiled, as the people that come with me are 
    much better cooks and I get great food in the bargain!
    Brenda Casebeer
    AERC 9252
    Molalla, OR
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