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    Re: [RC] Porn on ridecamp -- OT - Joe Long

    On Fri, 1 Nov 2002 07:42:38 -0800, "Barbara McCrary"
    <bigcreekranch@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
    >I just opened one through ridecamp called Girls and Horses, and it was
    >really a doozy!  I didn't get beyond the color cover, but it had enough
    >graphic stuff to curl your hair.  It was addressed to numerous addresses
    >beginning with "big" and so with our address starting with bigcreekranch,
    >that did it.  Apparently some people haven't anything more productive to do
    >with their lives......  Who are these companies? individuals?  Who??
    This is off-topic, but y'all might get a laugh out of it.
    One of my most embarassing moments occured when I had installed
    Internet access to a computer lab at a Catholic grade school.  I was
    showing a group of nuns how to use the web browser, and they hadn't
    installed any porn-blocking software. So I warned them about how easy
    it is for kids to just stumble onto a porn site.  I demonstrated by
    saying something like, "A child would think a site named
    www.schoolgirls.com would be something to look at, but this is what
    would happen if they went there," expecting a plain "This is an adult
    site.  If you are over 18, click here to enter" screen to come up.
    Imagine my horror when a full-blown porn page with hard-core photos
    popped up.
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