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    Re: [RC] take 2: Camper shell heaters? - Lynn Kinsky

     >>>she slept with her
    charcoal living quarters with her.

    ??? This is what happens when you try to post when you're late to work. :-PP O.K. I am at work now and safely "on the clock" >deep breath< Should have typed: She slept with her charcoal GRILL in the living quarters. Would someone who understands the idiosyncracies of fatal gasses please explain what types of heat are safe in closed environments and do those alarms that are for gas leaks in your home work for the unsafe ones?


    Carbon monoxide (a fatal gas in high enough concentrations) is formed by incomplete combustion, so any heating source that involves burning a fuel is likely to be producing carbon monoxide as well, whether it is a charcoal grill inside a camper or a car engine running inside a closed garage or a faulty furnace in a house or camper. Anything using resistance heating -- an electric heater using electric current to make a coil of metal hot -- should be much safer in terms of gas production.

    The sensors for gas *leaks* inside the home are likely for propane, but there are also carbon monoxide sensors available for RVs and campers and houses (and also automobiles and trucks) -- one of those must-have pieces of safety gear, like a smoke alarm for fire.
    Lynn Kinsky Santa Ynez, CA

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