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    Re: [RC] [Guest] Camper shell heaters? - Joe Long

    On Thu, 31 Oct 2002 20:58:36 -0700, Ridecamp Moderator
    <ridecamp-moderator@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
    >I'm hoping to ride the DVE LD.  We will be sleeping in my  truck camper
    >  shell.  Does anyone know of a heater that we could use?  Coleman
    >  makes one that runs on butane...I don't feel comfortable with that in a
    >  closed shell.  I was hoping for something that runs on electricity, maybe
    >  that we could recharge from the cig lighter in my truck while my hubby
    >  drives it to the stops...
    >We do have good sleeping bags but I would really love a heater for the
    >  early morning.
    I would suggest not using any combustion heater in such a small space
    as a shell.  I did that when I first started endurance riding, a small
    catalytic heater.  During the night I kicked my sleeping bag into
    contact with the heater, and it caught on fire.  Luckily I woke up
    before it got going very much!
    If you do use a catalytic heater, be sure to keep windows open for
    Joe Long
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    [RC] [Guest] Camper shell heaters?, Ridecamp Moderator