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    [RC] rain prayer - Debra Ager

    From: Wintersdwbob1@xxxxxxx
    Subject: [RC]   Prayer for Rain/Sunland

    Please prayfor rain for the Sunland Area.  Not just a drizzle  we need 2
    inches per the voice of authority.  i sure could use the miles.  
    Be careful what you wish for!
    Here in Texas we have lots of Christians.  I think that's why the weather is so crazy here.  It gets a little dry, so they all start praying for rain, and once God get's around to answering them, there's such a backlog that he send's lots of rain.  I guess he forgets to turn the tap off though (like me when I water the horses!), because when it does rain, it usually floods.  So then they all start praying for the rain to stop, and by the time he hears...and with the backlog...you guessed it!  We get a drought.  So, be careful what you wish for! LOL