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    [RC] Cold Weather Riding - Tamara Taylor

    This sounds like a great idea. So you just used a regular hair dryer? Do you
    keep it moving constantly to keep from overheating the skin? What model of hair
    dryer did you use? I ask because my cheapo drug store hair dryer wusses out if
    it is used for a prolonged period of time.
    > Nancy Himsl t.o.jones@xxxxxxxxxxxx
    > What worked well for me was blowdrying her. I bought a regular hand held
    > hair dryer, got her used to it, and used it after every ride. It took about
    20 minutes from wet and curly to dry and fluffy. She eventually
    > got so she'd stand with her eyes closed enjoying it. I did not have
    > access to a stall to put her in while she cooled down. This worked well me.
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