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    Re: [RC] Coggins - Whose Responsibility? - Brenda M

     The seller would pick up the cost of a pre-vet exam if they wanted it after all.
    OOPS. I meant to say the buyer here. B
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    From: Heidi Smith
    Sent: Thursday, October 31, 2002 6:52 AM
    To: Tamara Taylor; Ridecamp
    Subject: Re: [RC] Coggins - Whose Responsibility?
    > I have a serious US buyer for one of my horses in Canada. I realize that a
    > Coggins test is required to haul the horse across the border. The hauling
    > expenses are the responsibility of the buyer. Am I obligated to pay for
    > coggins test? I am selling this horse for $800 US and last time I had
    > done it was around $100 Canadian. Does this seem fair?

    The folks who live in areas where testing is mandatory are right that where
    they are, the Coggins should be the seller's responsibility.  However, in
    other parts of the country, where it is NOT mandatory except for crossing
    state lines or the Canadian border, it is traditionally the buyer's
    responsibility, as it is an expense of travel.  I've paid for several as a
    seller to make a particular sale go better, but then I've been on the
    veterinary end of things where it is not much of an expense.  The price you
    quoted seems high for a Coggins test, though.  The veterinarians here in
    this area charge in the range of $20 to $25 US (I know the exchange rate is
    bad, but not THAT bad), although I'm also appalled at what some vets in
    Oregon and Washington are now charging.  FWIW, the veterinarian's expenses
    for a Coggins are in the neighborhood of $10 (lab fee and shipping fees),
    and an organized veterinarian should be able to draw blood for the Coggins
    and do the paperwork in about 5 to 10 minutes, so assuming an hourly
    compensation appropriate for a professional (check out attorneys, etc., and
    what they bill by the hour), a fee of $25 US is about what it should be
    "worth," especially if staff members are doing some of the processing of
    paperwork instead of the veterinarian.  Travel to the farm would be extra.
    Nonetheless, I've seen too many veterinarians take advantage of the fact
    that horse owners are in a corner about getting Coggins tests, and that
    rationalize that "horse people have money."  <sigh>


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