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    E: [RC] Youth - Joe Long

    >On Wed, 30 Oct 2002 22:21:05 -0800, "Linda Cowles"
    ><kadence@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
    >Riding endurance brings out the kid in me...  I love to ride endurance
    Me too ... that's why I sing on the trail.
    >Seeing Maryben and those 5 kids... that's when I realized I could 
    >be a kid again, if only for 50 or 100 miles... years later, Julie Suhr 
    >reminded to be a kid when we had a spontaneous dash for 8th 
    >place at a ride two years ago... not many kids can out-whoop 
    >Julie Suhr, or go flying out of sight so unexpectedly!
    Julie is one of my idols.  I can't equal Maryben's record, the most
    Juniors I ever sponsored at one ride was three, but we had a ball.  I
    really hope I get the chance to sponsor Juniors again, those are the
    most fun rides of all.
    >Don't be so much of an adult that you forget how much FUN 
    >endurance is. It's a hell of a lot of fun.
    AMEN to that!  At this moment I'm sitting in my office, dressed as the
    Cat in the Hat (complete with tail).  We're not having a party or
    anything, in fact I'm the only employee here in costume ... but I'm
    having fun.
    Halloween rides, where riders ride in costume, are terrific!
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