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    [RC] Grand Canyon XP Thanks - Linda Lavis

    This is long overdue - I want to extend thanks to so many people for making
    a first time trip with horses into the States, traveling over 1200 miles
    one way, to compete in my first "multi-day" (Grand Canyon XP) such a
    fantastic and rewarding  experience.  Also to the people who responded to my
    message when I could not get ahold of ride managers - we had to leave on the
    Sunday and needed some questions answered before heading out.  You were all
    so helpful (particularly Karen).  I especially loved the message that merely
    read "patience"!!!
    First of all, to all who responded to my inquiry for a place to stay around
    Dillon - how kind and generous of those of you who extended invitations (due
    to unforseen events, we only got as far as Great Falls the first night -
    however, we were able to save a kitten from a well!!!).  I look forward to
    meeting you one day!
    Second, to all people who were involved in the putting on and working for
    the ride - you did a phenomenal job!
    Third, to the wonderful people (fellow competitors) we met, talked with,
    rode with - can't wait to meet again!
    Fourth, to those who so willingly offered beet pulp when we found out the
    local feed store did not know what it was - thank you!  Karen, you "saved
    the day" for our trip home.
    Fifth, if Robin and Bruce from Ohio follow Ridecamp - please email me
    privately.  The same to the couple from Oregon who we met at Moqui Caves
    near Kanab.  Also, to Alexandra (born in Ontario!) on the lovely big
    chestnut mare  who was going to help me with the easy boots - please contact
    me.  Mike, who was there with his mother crewing for Becky - if you follow
    Ridecamp and read this, please email me.
    Sixth, to the lady who was riding with a gentleman wearing a long sleeved
    green XP shirt on the third day - you took a picture of my horse and me on
    the East Rim - would love to get a copy!
    THANK YOU, THANK YOU - YOU WERE ALL AWESOME!!  It is still hard for me to
    believe I rode along the Grand Canyon two weeks ago - how we hated to
    Until next time, 
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