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    [RC] AERA Letter to FEI - Rides 2 Far

    Is it true that there was a donation from the direction of the "winning
    camp" of 500K for the endurance event in Spain?  Yeah, I know folks love
    to relieve them of all that money, but *if* this is true can we say,
    "Conflict of Interest"?  I honestly don't know, but would like to know
    the full story...this is the first I've heard of the winner being lame. 
     Hypothetical question for anyone who was there: If say...South Africa
    had finished first, with a horse at this degree of lameness, and the
    donor of the cash had finished 2nd...would the lame horse have gotten a
    completion?  Finally, in the opinion of those who were there...who did
    have the first horse that was "fit to continue"?
    The WEG *does* require "fit to continue" do they not?  How many vets had
    to judge the horse fit to continue? Was it a secret ballot?  Hey, if
    somebody can "fix" the judging of the ice skating portion of the
    Olympics, we need to be darned sure to put in place a system that would
    avoid such. I'm not just trying to stir the pot. I know it's a tough call
    there at the end of a 100, especially a horribly tough, fast one like
    that, but on top of 2 deaths the last thing this sport needs is a limping
    horse getting the Gold.  I assume the trot out was caught on camera?
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