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    [RC] Owyhee...up for air - Steph Teeter

    Wow. Trail's mostly unflagged, paperwork is close.. still lots to do, but
    I'm starting to see the end. What a week! It was hard, long hours, lots of
    worrying, lots of working the trail and running back and forth, but FUN!
    What a great group of riders, and once again, amazing volunteers. Some
    impressive displays of horsemanship, and sportsmanship. And we were treated
    with the company of Bob and Julie Suhr... this made it very special for
    many, including my parents (came from Virginia to help) who had read Julie's
    book, and have been following my endurance escapades for years.
    I'll post more later, but just wanted to say thanks to John and the boys,
    the riders, the crew, the vets (Barney was a big hit... especially in his
    purple tutu for the Halloween ride), the volunteers, and everybody else that
    made it work so well.
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