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    [RC] (no subject) - Merryben

    In a message dated 10/28/2002 9:50:13 PM Central Standard Time, bobmorris@xxxxxxxx writes:

    You were living there in the '40's? Bet it was all farms and ranches back then.

    AT least you did not say "you were living in the 40's"......I was born here and when I moved to this house we were surrounded by cherry orchards.  This was called the Valley of Heart's Delight not Silicon Valley and we were the prune capitol of the world.  There were probably 8 to 10 canneries going.  The last of them closed a couple of years ago.  It was a totally different way of life, pre computers.  I tell my juniors that when I was in high school a certain intersection in Almaden Valley that is one of the busiest was only an intersection of two 2 lane roads with a four way stop and I am not sure that they believe me.  We only had one highway and that was 101.  Highway 17, 87, 85, and on and on did not even exist.  Amazing.....mb