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    [RC] FEI letters - John & Sue Greenall

    If any of you get The Chronicle of the Horse, the editoral last week 
    was quite strong in regard to what happened at the WEG.  In 
    addition, Dr. Dane Frazier got coverage of his opinions of what 
    happened regarding the implimentation of rules vs. common sense 
    at that event.  This publication goes out to all disciplines so our 
    situation with the deaths of two horses at the WEG is widely 
    known and being commented on.  
    To generalize that all FEI events do this is unfair, but sadly too 
    many FEI events that I have attended in the US are focusing on 
    paperwork and "rules"  and not on the quality of the competition.  If 
    the energy put into weighing, checking flu shot records and 
    measuring paddock areas was put into trail marking, trail 
    measuring and instructions to volunteers....they could be great 
    John and Sue Greenall
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