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    Re: [RC] Training Ride (Ready for 55 in 2.5 months?) - AprJhn

    If a type A personality is controllling, I'm type A. If a type A is thrilled with numbers, that's me. If a type A is extremely analytical...that's me, too. I love to get the numbers and watch the progress via metrics. That's one reason I got the heart rate monitor (just picked it up this morning). I also have a GPS that I use while riding and come home to superimpose our track over maps when I get back. It's part of the fun for me, but is also a source of frustration if things are not progessing like I think they should.

    You have tons more experience than I do. I have done a total of 2 LDs. And that was 3 years ago no less. My horse has only done a 35 two years ago. So I hang out on ridecamp and ask questions to learn from people exactly like you....with more experience and willing to share wisdom. :)

    Thanks for the advice. I think we will just go out and try the 55. My husband says if we get pulled or decide half-way through that it's not the time for a 55, who cares. He just wants me to go out and have fun.

    Nashville, TN

    superpat wrote:

    Hay there, April,
    I wonder if you are a "type A" and I a lowly type F or G?
    I have never been anxious about what mph my horse and I are achieving. In
    over 2000 miles (not bragging, and I realize that is not a whole bunch) of
    50's with a couple of 60's my horse has only been pulled once (rider
    pull...she kicked herself 13 miles into our first 100).
    I would advise that you relax, go out for long, steady paced rides with as
    much climbing as you can find thrown in and go ride a 50 miler. Be aware of
    your horse and aim for a steady pace. Don't worry about the speed. And I
    will guarantee that you will have a fun time and arrive at the finish line
    with a huge smile on your face.

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