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    RE: [RC] mens riding jeans? - Whiteaker, Steve

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    Get him a pair of padded bicycle shorts to wear under his jeans. They are made out of Spandex and nylon (?) and are very slick. The padding keeps the crotch seam in the jeans from exerting pressure in "delicate" places and the slick nature of the shorts keeps the denim from causing friction. I use them under my jeans most of the time I ride.
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    Question for the men out there - or women who shop for them!  My husband is looking for some kind of riding pants that is more jean-like than tight-like.  Any ideas?  I was hoping to find something like Millers stretch jeans, but those seam to be a women only thing.  He's been riding in Levis for years w/o a problem.  But 50's and a new saddle with a suede seat are causing some issues - as much as he doesn't want to admit it!


    I know I'll never get him in tights, but he needs something a little more fitting.  We're going to try long johns under the jeans today (as the panty hose idea will never fly), but that's not going to be a summer option!


    Any ideas are welcome!  At this point, I'd even try sewing some if I can find the material!





    Marlene Moss

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