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    [RC] mens riding jeans - Tim Worden

    My normal riding/conditioning pants are Rustler jeans
    from Wal-Mart.  They run about $13 and are soooo
    comfy.  The seam is hardly noticeable.  I've yet to do
    50s in them since I currently wear womens running
    tights during competition.  As soon as I get the money
    though, I'm ordering some Dixon Smith riding pants. 
    Gotta be the best riding pants for men that I've seen,
    especially since they have a zipper fly in them.  If
    your husband wants to wear jeans though, he must get
    some Homie shorts.  They're about $30 and one of the
    best purchases I've ever made for riding comfort. 
    Hope this helps.  Here's where I got them 
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