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    [RC] Knee pain (human) - Roberta Jo Lieberman

    > I also worked hard on my
    centered riding <
    I recently audited a Connected Riding clinic with Peggy Cummings followed by
    some private lessons with Perle. After years of knee pain from "gripping", I am
    learning how to ride "like a frog on a ball" -- that is, wide thighs, knees off
    the saddle, lower calves "cuddling" the barrel (and toes sticking out to the
    side!). There's more to it, like rocking your seat bones under you, scootching
    your butt to the front of the saddle, and learning to keep your upper body
    mobile, like a pendulum (not starched or slouched where your horse can throw you
    off balance), but already I can feel a major difference, and my horse is moving
    much more freely. I am also more secure in the saddle. Peggy is returning to
    Southern California in January and is scheduling private lessons, if anyone is
    interested I can send you the links.
    Escondido, Calif.
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