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    [RC] Spook Run - Mateef

    This was my first time at Spook Run.  After a eight hour "endurance drive" in the pouring rain, (by myself) I was wondering what possessed me to do such a crazy thing. But as I pulled into camp, the rains quit, and I had no trouble finding a nice place to camp because there is lots and lots of room at this ride.  The trails were absolutely gorgeous (it would have been nice if the sun had peaked out to light up the colors in the trees) and even with the all day Friday rain, the footing was not too bad.  Connie Caudill won the 50.  I rode with Amy Whelan, who was riding Jim Rogan's 22 year old gelding, Beezar to achieve his 6,000 mile mark. (Actually he only needed 5 miles so he now has 6,045 miles.) I've read of many high mileage horses, but this was the first time I ever saw one in "person". Talk about knowing their job. And I believe I heard another rider comment that her horse had over 9,000 miles when they were passin g out awards.  Someone else will have to post the finishers. I know they had 52 25 milers, about 36 50 milers and 6 100's.  We all need to be more considerate of ride managers too, because of a lack of pre-entries, they had no way of knowing they'd have that many horses and only had two vets.  It was not an issue for me because we managed to vet through in between the rushes, but needless to say the vets were extremely busy for some time.
    All in all, I'd not hesitate to return to the Spook Run ride. But next time, I'm taking someone to share the driving with.
    Sallie in NE Ohio