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    [RC] Pacing and being different at vet checks - Arco Farm

    "He used to work at a track.  Took one look at her, smiled, and gave her an
    A+.  Said "Ain't a thing wrong with that trot!"  So you never know.  It
    SHOULD be okay, but being "different" can have its drawbacks!  Good luck!
    I can relate to that!  I have had my mule judged very low on impulsion by
    inexperienced ride vets.  Experienced endurance vets have no problem
    understanding that EVERY equine does not move like an Arabian.   I have had
    Rudy get  B's on impulsion and overall  when he trots out willing at my
    shoulder and then stands 'ho hum' for the exam... but without an "Arabian
    flare",  while the same vet gave Arabs that had to have someone whoosh them
    from behind to get them going away and again coming back get A's on
    impulsion and overall impression.
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