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    [RC] forward from a non member of ridecamp per her request - Karen J. Zelinsky

    Holy smokes!  Is this nasty, judgmental, character-slamming, or what?  I wouldn't talk like this about an enemy!
    Something tells me that comments like this show not very polite "grown-ups" do exist - is this the way they train their kids to treat others?
      This is one of about 80 reasons every day that I simply delete ridecamp posts without even trying to read their content.  Maybe it would be better of me to unsubscribe, so I don't connect the names and faces, when I meet them, with what they SAID in this forum. 
    The good-old-days of a mainly solid, non-emotional, helpful, friendly, information-exchange regarding enduring riding seem to be over. 
    Sounds like too many kids in the sand box.  And their parents aren't around to scold them when they act poorly.
    Karen Zelinsky
    When will eneryone get it that JOE LONG justs loves to jump into or create a controversy where there is none.  Does he even have any children?  (That's a scary thought). There are way too many MOMMY RULES in life in general today, and someone needs to tell Joe to shut up.  Parents decide how their children should be raised, and wouldn't it be a wonderful world if every 5 y/o was as pleasant to be around as Cliffy?  I witnessed him doing his first 50 and it was a distinct pleasure.  Will Joe's next bandwagon be the fact that Spiderman was so old, and he will decide to limit the upper age of a horse competing?  Karen Nelson